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Explore IDT’s spectrum of customizable, high-performing NGS solutions with flexible, efficient workflows for your cancer research insights. As your trusted partner, we can work together to drive cancer discoveries.


Solid tumor profiling solutions

Explore a range of NGS solid tumor profiling solutions for your lab’s unique insight and workflow needs.

Targeted insights

Predesigned or custom panels to get the specific cancer insights you need with minimal sequencing resources used.

CGP insights

Comprehensive genomic profiling for solid tumors with content-flexible panels and genomic signature modules to optimize use of sequencing resources for your insight needs.

Large-scale insights

Whole exome, genome, transcriptome, and methylome sequencing components for broad solid tumor research insights.

Liquid biopsy and minimal residual disease (MRD) application solutions

Identify low frequency variants with flexible NGS solutions for your lab’s needs.

ctDNA research solutions

MRD research solutions

Image of whitepaper: Unveiling superior NGS library complexity and target coverage with the xGen cfDNA & FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit and hybridization capture solution

Why choose IDT research solutions for cfDNA analysis?

By combining the unique splint-ligation strategy of IDT's xGen cfDNA & FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit & xGen Hybridization Capture Panels, researchers can expect higher on-target rates, coverage, and uniformity with lower duplication rates than when the same products are used with leading competitors.

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Blood cancer solutions

Discover important blood cancer research insights with NGS solutions fit for your lab.

Blood cancer assays including analysis

  • Archer Blood Cancer Assays
    Confidently detect more with Archer blood cancer assays, with 9 predesigned panels of relevant targets in DNA and RNA.
  • Custom Archer NGS assays
    Add targets to an existing panel or design your assay content from scratch to fit your insight needs.

Blood cancer panels

Heme malignancies webinar thumbnail image

How do Archer research assays make a difference for blood cancer answers?

Hear from experts at Duke on their experience implementing Archer FUSIONPlex™ and VARIANTPlex™ custom NGS assays for profiling heme malignancies.

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